Huntington Family Association
Huntington Family Association


The purpose of this educational, genealogical, non-profit Association shall be to accurately establish, record and perpetuate information concerning the lineage and history of the Huntington Family in America, and to disseminate this information among its members.   


Our Family
The Association desires to make and maintain contact with all Huntington descendants bearing the Huntington surname, and also those not further than two generations away from forebears bearing the Huntington surname at birth - that is, those having a grandparent born with the Huntington surname.  The Association solicits genealogical data from any credible source on the foregoing descendants.  In addition, it welcomes contact from Huntington descendants "more than two generations from the Huntington surname" who themselves submit data tracing their lines of descent from a forbear of Huntington surname. 
About Us
You can learn a lot about all our relatives here, but are you also interested in finding more sign the guestbook and we will contact you!